Friday, June 12, 2015

Soldier Combat Tactics


Merry Dream Games has started with the development of a truly exciting war game. Some of you might remember the Risk board game you used to play or all those tactics games on your game boy advance like final fantasy tactics or tactics ogre. This new war game might also be linked as a retro version of Total Wars by Sega. Soldier Combat Tactics is a little bit of all.


Every player will own their own personal army with which they will try to expand and conquer the world. Yes! To win you will have to exterminate all the other armies. Each turn the player will select where to attack on the map and then enter into each chosen battle.


There are a lot of armies. Basically, each country that is big enough to be spotted on a world map has an army. This means there are over 50 armies that will fight each other. 


If you have ever played the board game Risk than you know that it takes forever to play just once. The original Risk game has 42 territories that can be conquered. Soldier Combat Tactics will have over 6000 territories! This challenge will only be beaten by the best.


The development of this game is really taking big steps towards completion; however, it will still take several months to finish. The idea is to speed up the development with a Kickstarter. Please send some feedback. We are at the point where we can include pretty much anything into the game.

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