Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bike Tapper

Merry Dream Games is very merry to announce Bike Tapper a cycling game for best of fun. It is now available for Android for free! Bike Tapper brings all the passion of cycling and racing into a realistic 2d experience. Become a professional cyclist and defeat all your opponents with nothing but your bicycle and sweat.

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Game Play
You can ride faster by simply tapping the screen. When you stop tapping energy will slowly restore. It is important to always use other cyclists to block the wind in order to not waste energy.

There are 27 different bikes which can be purchased with prize money. Each bike has its specialty such as Uphill, Sprinting, and Downhill.

There are 42 levels each increasing in difficulty. Every time a race is won prize money is given. Each level has unique terrain and scenery.

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