Friday, August 14, 2015

Greyhound Dog Race

After similar titles such as Bike Tapper and Marathon Tapper Merry Dream Games is proud to present Greyhound Dog Race a game about exciting dog racing. With the main goal of offering a true dog race experience Merry Dream Games brings unique fast paced gameplay for anybody to enjoy.

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You can race faster simply by tapping the screen; however, the faster you go the faster you get tired. Find a good race strategy by balancing speed and energy. Make sure you have enough energy to finish the dog race.


Each race has 12 dogs from several different countries which will fiercely race for victory. Dogs come in several different colors and can be purchased with prize money. Each greyhound dog has their own racing strategy. Be sure to choose the best dog for each race and don't forget to save up for better dogs.


There are 42 levels each increasing in difficulty. Every time a race is won prize money is given. Each level has unique terrain and scenery. Some levels are longer than others and require different racing strategies. In every case Greyhound Dog Race will require you to tap away to conquer such tough competitions.


8-bit music created by Merry Dream Games

Saturday, August 1, 2015

About Merry Dream Games


Merry Dream Games is a one man indie game studio based in Madrid, Spain. Toby Perez is responsible for everything such as Game Design, Programming, Artwork, and sometimes even creating music and sound effects. Our first game Marathon Tapper was created with Unity and released November 2014. Several games have followed and many more are soon to come.





Our commitment is to bring new interesting games to the indie game community. Our desire is to make games that are fun. 



Ever since childhood Toby has been obsessed with videogames. His first console was a Gameboy which was shortly followed by Sega Master System. He also has had a deep influence in games created for the GBA (Game Boy Advance) and the Super Nintendo. With a strong inclination towards retro games Toby decided to Study Software Engineering and try his luck in the indie game world. It has been fun path to follow, but also a hard one where earnings are a little shy.


Merry Dream Games has published a few games, and is eager to complete many more games

Released Titles:
Marathon Tapper Bike Tapper
G Balls Dynamite Lizard Apocalypse

Currently, Merry Dream Games is working hard on a new War Game.

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