Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ambush Platoon

After some months of heavy work Merry Dream Games is pleased to present the KickStarter Campaign for Ambush Platoon a war game that will be released  for PC, Mac and Linux. The game is inspired by the board game Risk where the player will have to conquer territories on a large map. Every battle will have to be won with a war platoon.

The main map contains over 1300 territories and will take some time to conquer. Therefore, a few mini maps will be available as well.

39 different platoons have been created to battle in a truly epic war. Many real-life military uniforms have been researched to obtain a more realistic result.
The basic types of weapons are pistols, sub machine guns, machine guns and rifles. Each weapon type is good for a specific battle strategy. The player has to decide what strategy to use.
To add to the strategic gameplay there will be these special types of soldiers/weapons. Dogs will be able to rush faster. Shields will add ultra defensive possiblities, and Medics will help revive fallen platoon members.
Each soldier in your platoon has a unique mood or strategy which will be customizableby the player just like the weapons.
Soldiers can be trained to become better and harder to kill. Player will have to find a balance between training soldiers and equipping them.

Merry Dream Games is working hard to complete Ambush Platoon. We have started a KickStarter that we hope will help us find funding which will allow us to finish the game as soon as possible.