Saturday, January 31, 2015

G Balls

Finally the Android puzzle game you were waiting for is here. With this new game that combines both puzzle solving and some reflexes you will have a blast! G Balls brings hundreds of different levels that will grant several hours of great fun and thinking. Merry Dream Games merrily challenges you to complete this dificult, but fun feat.

Free Google Play Download: G Balls

Game Goal

G Balls requires you to control two balls which always move in inverted directions. You must join them to pass each level. Enjoy the hundreds of unique levels with angry enemies and bothersome obstacles. Are you smarter than the AI? Do you think you have the ability to move through some very complex mazes? G Balls is for you!

Game Play

G Balls works with simple touch controls for moving the two character balls in the desired direction.

Level Editor

There is an integrated Level Editor to create you own levels, test them, and even save them for later. You will be able to use your creativity to design awsome levels! You can show your friends or even send me a screenshot of them!

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