Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Merry Dream Games Portfolio

Merry Dream Games has published 4 games on Google Play and is working hard to complete several other new titles. We are also planning to expand to the iOS and PC, Mac, Linux markets. However, I thought it would be nice to remember and share some projects and tests from the past.

Work Samples

G Balls – Unity Android Game

G Balls is a puzzle game that requires the player to join the two balls. A main feature was the creation of a incorporated level editor and the possibility of saving created levels. I also incorporated In-App purchases using Soomla. I learned how effective it can be to create a level editor. In the long run it saved me a lot of time and now I can create new levels in just seconds.

Bike Tapper, Marathon Tapper & Dog Race – Unity Android Games

Bike Tapper and Marathon Tapper were the first games I developed for Android using the Unity 2D tools and C#. They contain simple AI concepts and several creative ways of adding to the user experience. I learned to watch carefully for screen sizes and ratios and to work with simple touch input controls.

Ambush Platoon – Unity Android, PC, iOS game

Ambush Platoon is a turn based war game where you must command your platoon towards the conquest of Europe. I was inspired to make this game by the board game Risk and also other war games such as Total Wars and Cannon Fodder. The goal is to conquer all territories or destroy all enemies. Each territory must be won in battle with your platoon which you will have to equip and give orders to. Every turn each army is rewarded by how many territories they have held and can invest into more soldiers or better weapons. This has become the largest project I have worked on.

 Dynamite Lizard Apocalypse – Random Name Game Jam (Unity)

As an introduction to game jams I decided to participate in the Random Name Jam where you are given 3 names to choose from and are expected to deliver a game. This simple game was completed in 2 days and gave me the excitement of working with tight deadlines.

Research Project – iOS Game

I worked on a research project that was developed in order to learn how effective musical games are as learning tools for autistic children. The game was a prototype to decide weather or not to invest in such types of games. While working in a team I learned how to communicate and work effectively.

 Flag Catcher – HTML5 Multiplayer Game

This game is a multiplayer capture the flag game with a few simple additions such as mines and lives. I worked in a team of 3 using JavaScript and node.js. My responsibilities were mainly the game play and the game art. Making a multiplayer game helped me understand the added complexity of sharing bits of game data. The final game offered the possibility of creating and hosting 4 vs 4 player games.

African Food Chain – Unity Simulation

I developed this simulation program using the Prey and Predator formulas. It symbolises how a species that preys on another species reproduce during scarcity or abundance of food supplies. I gained a valuable introduction to the Unity Game Engine.

Sword Master - Java Servlets

Sword Master is a server side text-based game developed with Java Servlet technology. The main goal in the game is to defeat all 20 enemies one by one in a series of turn based battles. A store was made available to purchase better weapons and shields after each battle. Sword Master also includes a small database to store user accounts and in game player information. This game gave me a better understanding of how servers work and about the added complexity that multiplayer games can create. Furthermore, it required a fairly large amount of game design and planning which made the programming run smoothly afterwards.

World Cup Game Simulator

This application was developed for Android using Java and Eclipse. It’s purpose is to let the user know a brief history of the matches national teams have played. It also calculates which teams would be most likely to win if they were to meet in the next World Cup. First of all, I learned how to cope with a small screen size. Second, I learned of different ways of obtaining data persistence. Finally, I learned that keeping an application updated is very important necessity.

Flux of Souls

As the final deliverable of my Programmer’s Project Class my team and I created Flux of Souls. Flux of Souls is an internal economy based game where the player must manage and distribute different types of currencies in order to end up with the highest score. We used Microsoft’s XNA framework and the Agile Software Engineering methodology. Also, we used a GitHub Repository and Pivotal Tracker software extensively for version control and communication during development. While working with my small team of 6 I learned how to assist and depend on each member. 


Sniper is a small, HTML5 DOM based, clicking game where the player must shoot enemy soldiers before they can escape the screen. As a personal assignment it helped strengthen my JavaScript and CSS skills.

Unity Platformer Demo

Working with the Unity3D game engine I created a small platform game consisting of animated character movement, colliders, and text GUIs. This small assignment increased my knowledge of Unity.

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