Friday, November 7, 2014

Marathon Tapper

Merry Dream Games has recently published Marathon Tapper, an Android game. Marathon Tapper is probably one of very few games about marathons. Being simple enough for even children to master, and sophisticated enough for gamers to enjoy Marathon Tapper allows player to become runners and compete in the toughest races known to man.

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Game Play 
You can run faster simply by tapping the screen; however, the faster you go the faster you get tired. Find a good race strategy by balancing speed and energy. You will need to buy better runners as races get harder. Each race has a different distance. Be sure to master each race type and become the champion of Marathon Tapper!


Each race has 72 participants from several different countries which will fiercely run for victory. Each runner has their own racing strategy.

Levels give prize money to the winner which can be used to buy better runners.

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